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5/4/2004 | Linux set to appear on more PDAs
Linux support is growing for ARM architecture chips, which could lead to the open-source operating system appearing in a wider range of PDAs, phones and information appliances.
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5/4/2004 | Kernel 2.6.5
Rilasciata la versione 2.6.5 del kernel
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2/4/2004 | Open Source Vulnerability Database Goes Live
The Open Source Vulnerability Database project has finally gone live. The project aims to provide comprehensive, free and unbiased (no vendor spin) vulnerability information. The database is being incorporated into such fine open source utilities as SNORT and NESSUS.
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2/4/2004 | University of San Francisco to Create First-Ever FlashMob Supercomputer
FlashMob I is a modified Linux kernel containing original software that allows individual PCs to join a network and operate as a single supercomputer.
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2/4/2004 | Who's more secure than whom?
Forrester concludes that Microsoft is, on average, faster than Linux vendors at fixing known vulnerabilities, but that Windows has more of them than Linux. I could quibble with a lot of these numbers, but I think it's more important to recognize that they are all in the ballpark with each other.
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1/4/2004 | Linux 2.6 BSP supports IBM's most powerful PPC chip
LynuxWorks will ship in June a Linux 2.6 based board support package (BSP) for the IBM 970FX PowerPC processor. The 970FX is a 90nm version of the 130nm PPC970 chip used in current desktop Apple Macintosh G5 systems, and is considered to be IBM's most powerful PPC chip.
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1/4/2004 | KDeBUG 1.0 Ships
Industry's Most Complete Linux Kernel Debugger Simplifies Deployment of Linux System Extensions
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31/3/2004 | SuperH embedded Linux dev tool adds JTAG, ICE debugger
Lineo Solutions will add support for a JTAG in-circuit emulator (ICE) debugger from Kyoto Micro Computer's (KMC) to its uLinux Elite development environment. The support, expected late April, will work with two System-on-Chips (SoCs) based on SuperH RISC cores, and several development boards from SuperH chipmaker Renesas.
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31/3/2004 | Security Enhanced Linux
SELinux is released as a set of kernel patches which wraps into an existing Linux installation. The NSA states they have tested it successfully only on Red Hat.
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31/3/2004 | Free real-time Linux project achieves stable release
A project to produce a free, dual-kernel, real-time Linux distribution has achieved its first stable release. The Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications (OCERA) project's 1.0.0 release supports real quality of service scheduling, CAN bus systems, and fault-tolerant and real-time Ethernet, along with standard Linux functionalities.
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